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Fire Marshal and Fire Warden Training (Pricing varies according to number of delegates, starting from as little as £295)

Only ever tackle a fire if safe to do so….. we demonstrate real, controlled situations such as this bin fire

The Fire Marshal Training Course (or Warden) is designed to provide the specialised knowledge and training required for a person to be able to carry out the duties of a Fire Marshal. We prefer to limit the number of delegates per course in order to maintain the quality of our Training Programme and to guarantee full understanding of the subject through individual attention.  It will raise awareness concerning the management and behaviour of people in a range of emergency evacuation situations, and the necessary actions to be taken before – during and after an incident. The course will also highlight the threat posed by fire to the continuity of your business and the onus will be on prevention always being better than the “cure”.

The roles and responsibilities of a Fire Warden / Fire Marshal / Building Supervisor and a simple checklist for you to consider incorporating in your emergency evacuation/fire action plan are included as part of the work package.


It will enable you to carry out the duties of a Fire Warden / Fire Marshal as laid down in your Company Fire Plan and to play an effective role in managing the fire safety requirements including the prevention of arson. The session will be tailored to suit your specific requirements and circumstances, AND delivered on your site at times to suit you at no additional cost.

The objective is that at the end of the Fire Warden / Fire Marshal training course you will:

  • Have a greater understanding of the fire precautions that are built into your workplace
  • Recognise the hazards and the threat posed by fire to people, property and jobs
  • Appreciate and react to the human behaviour issues that are likely to impact on the safe emergency evacuation of your premises
  • Be equipped to carry out your fire safety (evacuation) responsibilities effectively and to take control of any special plans (PEEPS).
  • Understand why it is essential that fire emergency procedures are implemented and monitored on a daily basis
  • Distinguish between the different types of extinguishers, their limitations and the fires for which they are suited.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and behaviour of fire.
  • Be aware of the measures that can be taken to restrict the effects of a fire (other than using a fire extinguisher) and how to minimise the chances of an arson attack.

The Structure will include:

  • The nature and behaviour of fire
  • Human behaviour in fire
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPS) for people who would experience difficulties during an emergency evacuation
  • The principles of design and management of the fire safety solution for your workplace
  • Your responsibilities within the Company Fire Plan: Before, During and After the Event
  • Methods of extinction and the safe selection and use of fire fighting equipment
  • Controlled real fire extinguisher training
  • Fire Safety Advice in the Home

We provide professional Fire Marshal and Fire Warden training courses across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the South of England.